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Why do I need to meet a consultant?

Before we send over your CV to a client, you will need to meet up with your consultant face to face. This is an absolutely essential part of the registration process, as we don’t just look at the skills and experience on your CV, but also at personality, attitude and how you present yourself. Meeting in person is the only way to judge this effectively.

When we recruit for a vacancy, we ensure all our shortlisted candidates are a good cultural fit for that organisation and that their personality, motivations and preferences will work within the team. Registering in person allows us to match jobseekers to employers effectively and saves everyone time. It is also best practice according to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, our industry body.

Our clients know that we register face to face and that the candidates we suggest will be a good fit for their organisation.
​This means they trust our judgement and you are much more likely to get an interview if we submit your CV. And unlike less scrupulous employment agencies, we will never send over your details for a vacancy without checking that you are happy for us to do so first.

When you meet up with your consultant, they will talk through your CV with you, clarifying information where necessary and suggesting ways to improve your CV to showcase your strongest points. They will also give you feedback on your interview technique and coaching for competency based interviews if required. We will discuss in detail your career aspirations and your wish list for your ideal next role, so we can proactively market your details to organisations that would be a good fit.

If it’s simply not possible for you to come to our offices, due to geographical or time restraints, we can meet at a location more convenient for you. If absolutely necessary, we can also conduct a registration by phone or Skype.