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Is your holiday pay optional?

Agencies are always actively seeking out great people to sign up to their work finding services. Temporary workers are always in high demand and as such, some agencies will do anything to get you to sign up with them. But if they are promising you a higher rate of pay than you might expect for a role, then it is worth checking if that hourly rate includes holiday pay.

As a temporary worker you are entitled to 5.6 weeks paid holiday every year (full time workers, pro-rated for part-time). That’s 28 days leave including public holidays. We know with the cost of living at the moment it’s very attractive to get some extra rolled up into your hourly rate. But if this includes your holiday pay, then when you wish to take holiday you’ll have to take unpaid leave, or worse, not take any leave and lose it (generally you can’t carry this leave over into the next year). If an agency pays you holiday pay in advance, this should be displayed on your payslip. If you work through an umbrella company, some will roll up holiday pay whilst others won’t. The agency (or umbrella) may tell you to bank the holiday pay element for when you take leave, but is that realistic?  

TPP does not roll holiday pay into your hourly rate.  We send regular reminders to remind you to take regular breaks throughout the year by taking the annual leave you are entitled to. And we want to pay you when you are taking your annual leave so that you can enjoy your break. So if another agency offers you a higher rate make sure you know if that includes holiday pay or not, because if it does the ‘real’ hourly rate may be the same as (or even less than) TPP is offering you.