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TPP and Agency Worker Regulations

The new Agency Worker Regulations take effect on 1 October 2011.

I would like to give our clients some information on TPP’s approach to the AWR, and let you know of a few changes you might see. The legislation will give temporary agency workers the same basic pay & working conditions, after 12 continuous weeks in the same assignment, as those on permanent contracts of employment in a comparable role.

Of course we have had to redraft our terms to reflect the legislation, and you will receive these when you next place a temp booking through TPP.

In addition there will be 2 questionnaires that require completion when booking a temp. One will establish the pay & conditions attributable to a comparable role, and the other will establish if the candidate you have selected has worked in your organisation (in the same role) within the last 12 months. These questionnaires will be sent to you when the temp booking is confirmed.

I am also pleased to inform you that TPP will be maintaining an “AWR clock” for each worker. We will keep track of the time worked by each temp and reasons for breaks to assist in determining if/when they would be entitled to the rights specified in the AWR.

I trust you find the above useful, and receive some assurance that although the new Regulations are significant, we are together with our clients to ensure things operate as smoothly as possible.

If you have any questions regarding TPP and AWR, please contact me on

For additional guidance, visit the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills website.

Russell Carr
Head of Finance, TPP Recruitment