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Is your recruitment agency treating their candidates fairly?

Is your recruitment agency treating their candidates fairly?

It is no secret that the NHS is understaffed in many departments currently as has been the case for some time. This is certainly still the case within demanding and busy GP practice settings. As a result, there is increasingly high demand for candidates and many agencies will go to great lengths to attract candidates to sign up with them. This is a good thing, as long as what they are doing is both ethical and within the law. We encourage all employers to check that candidates being presented to them for temporary vacancies are being given their correct pay, as well as their holiday allowance.

Temporary workers are entitled to 5.6 weeks paid holiday every year (full time workers, pro-rated for part-time). That’s 28 days leave including public holidays.

One example of attracting candidates in an unethical way is to advertise a more attractive pay rate, this is one where the holiday pay is rolled into their hourly rate. But if this includes their holiday pay, when candidates wish to take holiday, they will have no choice but to take unpaid leave, or worse, not take any leave and lose it (generally you can’t carry this leave over into the next year).

The agency may advise candidates to bank the holiday pay element for when they take leave, but is that realistic?

TPP does not roll holiday pay into the candidate’s hourly rate. Our candidates will accumulate their holiday pay in a separate pot (which is reflected in the breakdown of our charge rate) enabling all temporary workers the opportunity to take a well-deserved, paid, holiday. We send regular reminders to take breaks throughout the year by taking the annual leave they are entitled to.

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