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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

TPP Recruitment Diversity & Inclusion Statement

  •  TPP believes that ALL people have the potential to secure and retain fulfilling work
  • TPP fully embraces Diversity & Inclusion and will continually work to break down barriers that are often facilitators of discrimination
  • TPP wants all people to feel valued, empowered and feel they have the opportunity to change their lives by finding the job that is right for them
  • TPP wants to represent real, authentic people who will thrive and flourish in their chosen careers



Inclusive recruitment guide hands

​We have created an inclusive recruitment guide in partnership with Inclusive Employers. We hope this guide will provide you with useful tools, tips, advice, and resources to help empower your organisation to take your recruitment outcomes to the next level. 

To access the guide, please submit your details here


Inclusive recruitment guide hands

​​Altogether Better
TPP Inclusive Recruitment Grant

Applications are now open! 

Is your organisation committed to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I)?​ 

​If the answer is yes, and you would welcome the support and guidance of a specialist partner to help with bringing your “policy” and D&I strategy to life, then we would love to hear from you.  

Register your interest or apply here.


Upcoming Events

​Our Altogether Better D&I series of events will commence in May. To be the first to hear about these events, register your interest by emailing

Recent TPP Events: 

  • Fierce Conversations 
  • Introduction to Gender
  •  Intersectionality with Professor Patricia MacCormack

Upcoming Events TPP are attending with Inclusive Employers: 

  • Inclusive Learning from Covid-19
  • Tackling Racism
  • Social Economi Mobility
  • Tackling Trans Inclusion


Inclusive Employers

​TPP is a member of
 Inclusive Employers the UK's first and leading membership organisation for employers looking to build inclusive workplaces. 

Find out more about Inclusive Employers on their website

Listen to Inclusive Employers Podcasts
'Talking Inclusion with...'


Recite Me

We are delighted to have Recite Me’s cloud-based assistive technology on the TPP website to ensure our visitors experience an inclusive and customised online journey

Read more about our launch here and a brief case-study on why and how we have partnered with Recite Me.

TPP have proudly partnered with Recite Me, to offer a discount to non-profit organisations wanting to adopt this assistive technology themselves -
click here for more information and use our referral code - TPPReciteMe21


Show the salary

​At TPP, we continue our commitment as a consultancy to play our part in addressing issues such as the gender pay gap and I am

proud toreport that TPP Recruitment has recently signed up to the #showthesalary campaign.  This campaign has been set up in response to the belief that advertising roles without a salary or salary range further perpetuates the unfair gender pay gap.