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Professional Education Services

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Usually based in a membership or regulatory body, Professional Education roles concentrate on CPD and Training for members of these organisations either as part of their membership offering to attract or maintain members or as a separate commercial arm.

Responsibilities and Duties for Professional Education & Training Roles

These roles look at the needs of members and the profession in which the body is responsible for and develop training and CPD to be delivered either face to face, via e-learning methods or blended learning.

Working with subject matter experts these roles will develop content and arrange for suitable trainers to deliver where appropriate.

CPD can be mandatory for some professions and members have to complete so many hours to maintain their membership or be able to practise their profession. In these instances it is necessary to ensure that any CPD meets the sector’s standards and usually requires liaising with a regulatory body or government departments.

Some of these roles will also involve developing assessments and organise for these to be conducted either in person or online. This includes working with examiners, moderators and assessors to ensure that the assessments are conducted to certain standards and certifications are awarded appropriately.

On occasion, some professional bodies will also add an element of outreach and engagement into the role in order to attract a new generation into the profession by developing education based programmes which run in schools, colleges and universities.

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