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E-learning professionals exist in a variety of clients, spanning across HE and FE institutions, Arts and Heritage bodies as well as professional educational organisations.  While every eLearning development project is unique regarding its content, there are similarities that spans across them.  Project Managers, eLearning Developers, Subject Matter Experts, Visual Designers, Instructional Designers, Learning Technologists and Platform Administrators/Managers are very familiar roles within this profession.

Responsibilities and Duties for eLearning Roles

With a multitude of overlap, the e-learning manager is responsible for establishing the e-learning strategy and managing individual projects; the developer designs e-learning programmes and produces the content; and the e-tutor, is responsible for supporting e-learners when the learning is in progress.  At management level, experience in working closely with stakeholders, subject matter experts and outsourced relationships such as producers, freelancers and consultants are pivotal. 

Skills Required for eLearning Jobs

eLearning projects require a multitude of talents, pedagogical (concerned with learning), technical (concerned with computers, networks, and platforms) and creative (development of engaging content).  At the centre of all these skills, professionals need to integrate these together through strategy and project management.

Learning Technologists will have experience of a variety of virtual learning environments (VLE) and learning technology such as; Moodle, Storyboard, Articulate, Camtasia and Blackboard.


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