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Penny Raven


Penny Raven

Business Manager


Office & Specialist Support

About Me:

Business Manager

After completing the in-house recruitment training at TPP 8 years ago, Penny has now successfully worked her way up to Business Manager and specialises in providing HR and specialist support staff to the not for profit sector. Penny offers an honest and ethical service to both her candidates and clients. She regularly volunteers with various charities to gain more insight and exposure in the NFP sector.

Penny Raven's Blog Posts

Why temping is good for your career – at any level

There’s a wide variety of reasons why temping  can provide valuable experience at any stage of your career. In this career advice article we look at the benefits of temping / contracting and how it can give your career a real boost. Learning new skills If you have been in a permanent role for a while with no opportunity to train or grow, then temping is a great way to advance your skills. It can help fill in skill gaps on your CV, which can then lead to future work and career progression....

Author: Penny Raven
Published: 22 Mar 2016