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Penny Raven

penny raven.

Senior Business Manager

Linkedin: Penny Raven
Phone: 020 7198 6020

Penny has been with TPP since 2008, and steadily worked her way up to her current role as Senior Business Manager, specialising in supporting the NFP sector with temporary Office and Specialist Support roles. Penny offers an honest ethical service to both her candidates and clients and prides herself on a transparent and supportive approach. Penny has volunteered for various charities and has a genuine personal passion in the NFP sector.

Why did you join TPP?

My first foray in London, and I just didn’t want to leave TPP 😊

Your greatest achievement? 

Hiking in Peru in altitude of 5,200m with very little sleep and making it to the top of Rainbow Mountain

Unusual fact?

I have hiked the entire coastline of the Isle of Wight with just my backpack

Favourite film or book?

Mary Poppins! ‘Penny Poppins' is my nickname 😉

Tea or coffee?

Coffee is life (good coffee)

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