Non-Profit Recruitment Insights Report

Q1 2024

Recruitment insights report for the non-profit sector

Our latest report below analyses data from the non-profit sector for: 

  • The number of live permanent, temporary and fixed-term contract vacancies 
  • Availability of hybrid and remote working roles 
  • Key job discipline hiring, including; fundraising, finance, marcomms & CEO 
  • The data below was obtained between January - March 2024 from non-profit specialist job boards and agencies. 

This report spotlights trends, challenges and improvements in recruitment within the non-profit sector, to support your organisation with recruiting and retaining talent. 

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2024 Q1 live vacancies

The ONS reported a 4.5% drop in vacancies from December 2023 to February 2024, compared to the period before.

The number of live vacancies across the non-profit sector has continued to fluctuate. Despite a 17% dip in March compared to February, the overall decrease in vacancies from January to March 2024 was only 1% in contrast to the period between October and December 2023. 


Live jobs advertised by job function

The start of 2024 has seen a decrease in the number of live vacancies across all job functions, compared with October to December 2023. This is in line with the Recruitment & Employment Confederations (REC) employment data, where their survey data from March indicates ongoing weak demand in the labour market with rises in candidate availability.

Marcomms and digital has continued to see an upward trend in the number of vacancies. 


Live vacancies by job type

The average number of job vacancies that are permanent, temporary and contract has remained consistent in 2024 compared with October to December 2023. 

Average temporary vacancies
Average contract vacancies
Perm candidate avail
Average permanent vacancies
Flexible Working

Hybrid & remote vacancies

There has been a slight increase in the number of remote vacancies advertised between January and March 2024, with a decline seen in fully on-site roles. 


These vacancies are advertised where the majority of the role is either working remotely for the majority of the week or hybrid working (a mix of both remote and office based). Roles that do not fall into this category are assumed to be fully office-based (not always a searchable field on job boards).

Full-time vs part-time

The number of live vacancies advertised as full-time and part-time. Government work, pay and benefits data reports that 76% of working age people (age 16-64) work full-time. 


Attracting talent

Entry level roles

10% of the jobs advertised are entry level roles.

With the acute skills shortage faced by the many sectors, including the non-profit sector, it is increasingly important to attract entry level talent.  

This will support with longer term sustainability of providing vital services, as well as improve overall productivity and attracting entry level talent will help with providing a steady supply of new talent, which will plug skills gaps, foster stronger innovation and bring much needed diversity into the sector.


2024 Q1 Candidate Availability

TPP candidate application and availability data
increase in applications to live jobs
Perm candidate avail
increase in permanent candidate availability
increase in temporary candidate availability

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