Job Sharing For Fundraisers

Are you a fundraising professional looking for part-time work?

We know fundraisers are in demand and that there are many fundraising professionals who are looking for more flexible working within their career, such as part-time hours. 

But the number of fundraising roles offering true part-time hours has not increased significantly - there are too many fundraisers accepting positions that they are overqualified for simply as the role offers part-time working.

We surveyed our clients on job sharing roles within fundraising teams. 94% of respondents would be open to considering a job share for any current or future vacancies within their fundraising team, with 38% of those respondents having already worked for an employer that has employed someone on a job share arrangement.

We recently interviewed a successful job-sharing candidate, who has been job sharing for 3 years.

“I was lucky to have found my job share partner through a mutual connection – it’s a real shame that there seems to be nothing out there to help people find their job share partners. Our skills complement one another perfectly, we have strengths in different areas. We’ve since become really good friends and our job is going well too – we smashed our target!"

Looking at the benefits

Looking at the benefits of job sharing and how to make it work. One of the main benefits is to reduce staff turnover and improve employer branding. However, only 5% of respondents work for organisations that have created a job share to retain staff (an additional 22% of respondents were unsure).

Job sharing must be part of the answer

The Status of UK Fundraising report found that more than half (52%) of respondents whose charities had reported a decrease in funding said that they did not have enough people with adequate skills – the candidate shortage in the Fundraising sector is undoubtedly having an impact.

Here at TPP, we feel that job sharing must be part of the answer. With employers open-minded to recruiting job shares, not being able to (or not knowing where to) find a job share partner is a definite barrier – we are therefore delighted to be launching a partnering service to any fundraising professional who is seeking part-time work. 

If you think job share could be the solution for live vacancies within your fundraising team, contact Matt Adams on or 020 7198 6040.

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