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CIWM (The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management) is the leading professional membership organisation and training provider for those in the resources and waste management sector. Dedicated to moving the world beyond waste, it supports over 6,600 members and 250 organisations across the UK and beyond, offering extensive professional content and resources. 

More than this, CIWM helps shape the future of the resources and waste management sector, representing members' views in policy discussions across the UK and ensuring policy development is informed by practical experience and understanding.

The CIWM Group is also home to the Circular Economy Club, a global network of over 7,000 professionals, and the Circular Economy Institute, an international circular economy certification provider.

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Challenges in recruiting for a Qualifications Development Manager

CIWM faced a significant challenge in recruiting for a Qualifications Development Manager to fill a 12-month maternity leave vacancy. The primary difficulty stemmed from the temporary nature of the role, as most job seekers on the market at the time were looking for permanent positions and CIWM could not guarantee employment beyond the initial contract period.

Moreover, the complexity of the role was significant due to CIWM's diverse portfolio which required a candidate capable of handling product development, quality assurance, designing and updating training materials, reviewing qualifications, as well as developing new qualifications. 


CIWM, in partnership with TPP, sought a candidate with a unique blend of skills and experience for the Qualifications Development Manager role. The ideal candidate would be someone capable of identifying areas for improvement, bringing creative and diverse thinking to enhance CIWM's approach. A strong willingness to learn was essential, along with previous experience in a similar role. 

Experience in designing units and devising assessment methods was critical, as well as being skilled in engaging with various stakeholders effectively. 

The role required occasional visits to the office near Northampton, fitting into CIWM's incredibly flexible and trust-based work environment. Moreover, a candidate who could start promptly was vital to ensure a smooth transition and handover period so there was minimal disruption to ongoing projects. Through TPP's service and significant expertise of recruiting within this sector, CIWM aimed to find a candidate who not only met these criteria but also aligned with their organisational values.

Services Delivered

During the campaign, TPP provided a robust and tailored recruitment service as outlined below. 

  • Initially, we conducted a comprehensive job briefing meeting to thoroughly understand the role's requirements and the recruitment challenges faced by CIWM. 

  • This was followed by providing CIWM with insights into the current candidate market, focusing on the availability of candidates with the necessary skills and experience, and how the offered package might align or present challenges in attracting suitable job seekers.

  • Writing a compelling and inclusive job advert that would appeal to the relevant audience and showcase the best aspects of the role and organisation. Conducting an exhaustive screening of all applications to filter the most suitable candidates. This process extended to detailed candidate screening and interviewing, where we assessed each candidate's suitability for the role based on skills, experience, and alignment with CIWM's values and organisational aims and objectives.

    Providing CIWM with CVs accompanied by profiles that highlighted each candidate's skills, experience, suitability for the role, and availability, offering a comprehensive view to assist CIWM with their shortlisting process. 

  • Facilitating the arrangement of interviews, ensuring a seamless and efficient scheduling process. 

  • Managing the offer and negotiations, providing advice and guidance to CIWM during the offer stage to ensure a successful appointment that met both the candidate's and CIWM's expectations and needs.



For the recruitment campaign with CIWM, TPP meticulously orchestrated the timeline to ensure a smooth and efficient process. 

Understanding the urgency of the role, we prioritised a swift yet thorough candidate assessment to meet CIWM's required start date to facilitate a comprehensive handover from the current postholder, ensuring continuity and a smooth transition. Throughout this process, TPP’s focus remained on maintaining a streamlined and timely approach to meet the set deadlines, thereby ensuring that CIWM’s recruitment needs were met effectively and efficiently.

Results Achieved

At TPP, we successfully managed the recruitment campaign for CIWM's Qualifications Development Manager position. Our approach went beyond assessing candidates' skills and expertise; we also carefully considered their alignment with CIWM's core values, attitudes, and behaviours. The outcome was a successful appointment that met all of CIWM's specific needs and timeframes. This highlights the effectiveness of our tailored recruitment strategy and working in partnership with our clients to exceed their expectations of a recruitment partner.


“Rachel at TPP has provided excellent guidance and support in helping to fill our Qualifications Development Manager vacancy at CIWM. It was important from the outset to not only find the right individual with the skills and expertise to make a positive impact to our organisation, but equally that the individual shared our core values, attitudes, and behaviours. Rachel delivered on both parts…thank you for your outstanding service.”


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