Altogether Better Inclusive Recruitment Grant winners - November 2022

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Joe Treacy

By Joe Treacy

Earlier this year, we began accepting applications for our third round of Inclusive Recruitment Grants and were once again encouraged by the number of organisations interested in making their recruitment processes more inclusive. As before, we offered 2 grants, one for a paid employee role and another for a Trustee role.

The winners would be gifted with support in the form of a financial grant, up to the value of £5,000, to spend on a new, exclusive recruitment campaign, free attendance to three specialist webinars by ED&I experts, Inclusive Employers, and receive support and guidance from TPP's experienced, specialist account management team who would advise on adopting inclusive recruitment processes that will transform their approach to attracting the most diverse talent in the future.

With the help of Inclusive Employers during the selection process, we are now pleased to be able to announce our latest winners below.

Winner of our Altogether Better Inclusive Recruitment Grant:

British Youth Council

"The British Youth Council's application for the Inclusive Recruitment Grant demonstrated an awareness of the importance of inclusive recruitment and a commitment to learn and work in partnership with TPP. Understanding the need to seek advice and support on best practice within the inclusive recruitment process and being confident in sharing these practices with the wider organisation as well as give candidates the confidence that they will be supported through an inclusive recruitment journey." - TPP Recruitment

"Inclusion and representation is at the heart of everything we do at the British Youth Council. We are thrilled to be working with TPP through the Altogether Better Inclusive Recruitment Grant to strengthen our approach to inclusive recruitment, helping us to ensure that we are attracting a diverse talent pool that truly represents the young people we work with." - British Youth Council

"The beginning of critical thinking on your present techniques and producers is encouraging. The submission demonstrated awareness of the effects of education and knowledge not only in the workplace but also in society by recognising that unconscious bias might still exist outside of the application process." - Inclusive Employers

Winner of our Altogether Better Trustee Inclusive Recruitment Grant:

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

"Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's application for the Inclusive Recruitment Grant demonstrated a willingness to learn and adopt new inclusive recruitment practices and the importance of ensuring inclusion is at the heart of the organisation and all they do. TPP believe that working in partnership with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust will further their journey and not only impact on this campaign but on future recruitment campaigns and create a culture of inclusive recruitment and a commitment to share their learning with the wider wildlife movement and beyond." - TPP Recruitment

"Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is extremely thrilled to be awarded the Altogether Better TPP Inclusive Recruitment Grant. We wholeheartedly believe that nature belongs to everyone, this is why we are truly committed to working towards an equitable, diverse, and inclusive organisation. We believe this award and joint venture will bolster this journey and we are very much looking forward to doing a lot of learning on the way from those with vast expertise and experience - we are overly excited about the opportunity and the impact it will have for us as well as our wider sector." - Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

"The application showed advanced critical thinking on gaps in their current work which is vital to address inequalities of opportunity. Additionally, the organisation's self-reflection of privilege is paramount in inclusion work as well as being willing to receive feedback and support from TPP. The existing work on making the workplace inclusive in terms of experience and retention shows great potential for future changes in their recruitment practices." - Inclusive Employers

Congratulations to both winners!

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