4 reasons why you should invest in video interviews

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Kate Maunder

By Kate Maunder

Video interviews: A beneficial tool for your organisation

Video interviews have been around for a while; however, many organisations still don’t use it as standard across their recruitment processes. At TPP, we use video software, Zoom, for internal video calls and externally with job seekers. This has allowed us to meet with people more quickly and talk to job seekers that we may not have otherwise been able to represent.

Here are 4 reasons why video interviews could benefit your organisation:

Reduce your time to hire

According to JobVite, the average time to hire is 38 days. In the current market, where there is a shortage of skilled candidates, job seekers are often not on the market for long. Video interviews reduce the need for everyone on the panel and the interviewee to be available at one location, saving time, as well as travel time and costs. Interviews can be arranged more quickly, reducing the time to hire.

Expand your reach

By offering video interviews, your organisation will benefit from reaching a diverse range of job seekers located anywhere, including passive candidates who may have been less likely to attend an initial face-to-face meeting. Some systems enable you to pre-record video interviews, which can be used as a pre-screening tool. This enables you to pre-screen a larger number of applicants than you would be able to face-to-face.

Brand advantages

Employee experience is a top priority in recruiting the best talent. People want to work for companies that invest in technology and have a seamless, simple recruitment process. According to Modern Hire, 98% of candidates interviewed via video said the employer was innovative, which is great for your employer brand, leaving a good impression of your organisation for successful and unsuccessful candidates.

Business Continuity

Using video interviews allows for business continuity during any period where staff are unable to work in the office due to significant events, including unexpected office closures, public transport issues (strikes), or the recent pandemic Covid-19.

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