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Come and Mentor for Us!

What is Mentor Mums?

Mentor Mums exists in recognition of the fact that there is very little support for parents stepping back into the workplace after time away and it’s not always easy.

Whether parents step back reluctantly, or with huge ambition and drive, there’s no doubt that the first few months are full of bumps in the road, as they navigate everything from organizational or management changes to emergency calls from nursery requesting the collection of a sick baby! 

People often feel that although their job stays largely the same, everything else about them, such as their priorities, sense of identity or capacity to work, has changed. 

We help support parents through this, by providing them with a mentor who works in the same profession, but is a few steps ahead in their parenting journey and can give them advice and support as they return. 

Who are you for? 

We welcome parents of all kinds, inclusive of gender, sexuality, adoptive parents and those from all models of family, who have taken a period time out of work to care for their children and would like support in returning to work. 

Some of our mentees are seeking emotional and pastoral support, while others are focused on career progression and getting back up to date with their professional skills or knowledge.

What do you do?

Our mentoring programme is totally free to access, and matches newly returning parents with mentors who work in a similar professional role and can help them navigate their journey as a working parent. 

Mentorships usually take place virtually, or occasionally in person, and mentors offer 6 hours of their time over 6 months to help someone initially survive, but eventually to thrive.

What is the onboarding process? 

All mentors and mentees book in for an initial chat with one of our team, so we can check your fit for our programme, understand your professional role, and get a sense of your own experience of becoming a parent. 

In mentors, we’re looking for people who remember the challenges, are ready to support someone in a non-judgmental or prescriptive way, and who are willing to be open about the struggles they encountered in their own journey. 

What is the time commitment for volunteers?

The initial onboarding call with our team takes around 20 minutes, and further to this we ask mentors to watch a short (15 minute) video and read our handbook. 

We then ask for a commitment to a mentee of 6 hours across 6 months (roughly 1 hour per month), plus admin time pre-post sessions. The 6-session model is tried and tested. It helps people move from ‘survival mode’ to thinking about the longer-term future, whether that includes growing their family further and/or progressing in their career, leaving them in a position of strength when the mentoring comes to an end. 

Why would you recommend volunteering as a mentor? 

People generally mentor for us because they understand the challenges others are facing as they return, and often wish this service had existed when they returned themselves! This is a chance to be the lifeline that another parent needs, helping them to return to their job successfully whilst also embracing family life. 

Previous participants have told us the programme has made a huge difference to their return. 

Mentees have said: 

“There was an opportunity for a promotion shortly after I returned. My mentor helped me remember what I was capable of doing, and taught me that I can do so much more than I thought. Friends will support you, but sometimes you need to hear from someone who can offer an impartial ear.”

“My experience with Mentor Mums has been amazing - it was exactly the support that I didn’t even realise I needed at the right time. My mentor provided me with planning strategies, and so many work-day framing exercises. She instilled confidence into me; empowering me to make the right decisions, question stakeholders and even helped me pluck up the courage to ask for a promotion and pay rise. Mentoring has benefited my life in so many ways.”

Mentors have said:

“Mentoring someone else has been a growth experience for me – through the conversations I notice more about my own approaches to certain situations, and the things I still need to work on. Mentoring also gives me the chance to consider the way I support those in my own company grappling with similar challenges.” 

“Mentoring has been a really rewarding experience. My mentee and I still keep in touch and it’s become a more mutually beneficial relationship over time.”

What types of professionals/experience are you looking for?

We would welcome mentors from all areas of the business at all levels of seniority and we currently have a long waiting list for mentors! We try to match people with their professional peers, except when we feel that particular lived experience (e.g. bereavement during parenthood, life as an adoptive parent, etc) might provide better synergy between a mentee and their mentor.

Who is eligible to be a mentor?

Anyone with lived experience as a working parent or carer of a young child is eligible to mentor for us. We expect all our mentors to adopt an inclusive attitude, mentoring people regardless of any protected characteristic, offering support without judgement.  

How can we can get involved?

You can apply to mentor via our website. You’ll be asked to create a login and sign up for a call. Then we’ll match you with a mentee as soon as we find one and you can get started straight away!

Where can we find out more?

You can find FAQs on our website here. If you have further questions, email us on 


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