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Gender Gap Reporting

Gender Pay Gap Summary

Due to the impact of COVD-19, our staff numbers were less than 250 at the snapshot date of April 2020, meaning we are not required by law to report on our Gender Pay Gap.  However due to our commitment to ED&I and with the knowledge that the Gender Pay Gap is an important indicator of progress on this issue, we have chosen to report voluntarily. Figures are released in arrears, so the below summary refers to data published in October 2021 for data as at April 2020.

Our data is made up of 160 individuals, 46 of these are our employees within TPP and 114 are TPP temporary workers.

Internal staff

Our permanent (internal) workforce at the snapshot date is made up of 24% males and 76% females. Our SMT are predominately female (90%).

The gender pay gap as a mean average is in favour of females, with an hourly wage gap of 23%.

The median gender pay gap is 6% in favour of females.

The earning ability for a large proportion of our internal workforce is based on individual success (recruitment being a consultative sales and delivery role) and their career progression. We have structured promotion markers for all employees. 

TPP are a flexible employer, having recently gained Flexa status.  This means TPP offers flexible hours, compressed hours, full or part-time role or job sharing (role allowing).  This strongly supports our ability to attract and retain women and progress women at work.
As a member of the REC and Inclusive Employers we regularly review our pay and benefits, to ensure they are equal and that both males and females have equal opportunities for career progression.

Temporary workers

Our temporary workforce in 2020 was made up of 70% females and 30% males. 

The female mean hourly wage is 11.6% lower than males. The median pay gap is 1.7% in favour of males.

For more information on TPP’s commitment, support and action taken relevant to EDI you can visit our EDI Hub. We are active members of Inclusive Employers and our client relations team and consultants regularly advise our clients on the importance of attracting, retaining and developing diverse talent, with a particular focus on inclusive recruitment processes. 

For our latest Gender pay Gap Report please visit the Gov.UK website. ​