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Gender Gap Reporting

Gender Pay Gap Summary

For our latest Gender pay Gap Report please visit the Gov.UK website

TPP are a small to medium sized employer. As we recruit temporary workers for our non-profit clients, we fall within the UK Governments regulations introduced in April 2017 to publish data on our gender pay gaps. Figures are released a year in arrears, this summary refers to our figures published in April 2019 for data at April 2018.

Our data is made up of 250 individuals, 50 of these are our employees within TPP and 200 are our temporary workers.

Our published figures are our combined average pay gap. The Female mean hourly wage is 16.2% lower than males.

Internal staff

Our current workforce is made up of 32% males and 68% females. Our SMT are predominately female (75%.)

The gap is in favour of females, with an hourly wage gap of 14.5%

The median pay gap is 11.6% in favour of females.

The earning ability for our internal workforce is based on individual success (against targets) and their career progression. We have structured promotion markers for all employees. 

TPP are a flexible employer, offering flexible working and occasional home working.

As a member of the REC and enei, we regularly review our pay and benefits, to ensure they are equal and that both males and females have equal opportunities for career progression.

Temporary workers

Our temporary workforce in 2018 was made up of 82% females and 18% males.  The overall workforce in the voluntary sector is made up of 63% females and 37% males.

The female mean hourly wage is 26.3% lower than males. The median pay gap is 19% in favour of males.

At TPP we champion equality and diversity to our clients. We are members of enei and our client relations team offer advice and training to clients on diversity, such as eliminating biases and introducing pay scales. You can read our advice on tackling diversity and the gender pay gap here.

For our latest Gender pay Gap Report please visit the Gov.UK website​