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Lenrick Greaves

Associate – Senior Appointments

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  • 2020
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Lenrick is an experienced consultant and leader, with a BA in Communication and Media and an MA in Political Psychology. Lenrick has experience working in Higher Education and with young people - being a key voice in consulting on governance, promoting better approaches to EDI, engagement, and effective strategic planning. 

Throughout his career, Lenrick has led pivotal projects including an institution-wide assessment (at Bournemouth University) to address data gaps and disparities for underrepresented student groups, as well as leading consultations for the development of the Students’ Union’s strategic plan at Bournemouth University. Leveraging his Higher Education experiences with his experiences as a Community Engagement Officer at Dorset Race Quality Council, and Management Consultant at Halpin Partnership, Lenrick brings a wealth of knowledge in research, strategy, EDI, and business development to TPP.

Lenrick’s favourite pastime is watching pop culture video essays on YouTube and singing background vocals for various UK gospel artists.

Your greatest achievement?

Achieving a distinction in my masters programme with no prior studies in politics or psychology.

Why did you join TPP?

TPP is a leading voice in the recruitment space, championing inclusivity, equity and diversity – I wanted to contribute to TPP’s amazing work and continue to make a meaningful placements in the non-profit sector.

Unusual fact?

Octopuses don’t actually have tentacles. They have eight limbs, but they're arms (for most species).

Favourite film or book?

The Lion King (1994) / The Prince of Egypt (1998)

Tea or coffee?

Depends on the day – but 9 times out of 10, you’ll find me drinking a herbal tea for comfort.

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