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Holiday Pay

Charity Temps - Holiday PayProcedure for requesting holiday pay

Holiday is accrued at 12.07% of your basic hourly pay rate.

If you are taking annual leave and want to request this as paid leave, you must contact your consultant (by email) at least one week IN ADVANCE of taking leave.

Bank holidays are automatically processed as one day’s leave from your accrued holiday allowance, unless you contact your consultant to let them know you do not wish to be paid for it.

A breakdown of your holiday entitlement will be shown on your payslip each week. Please contact the payroll department on 020 7198 6190 if you have any queries with this.

If at the time of asking you have not accrued enough holiday pay to cover the full period of your leave we will pay out everything that you have accrued so far.


“Say you earn £10 per hour, and you work 35 hours in a week, holiday accrued will be 12.07% of your gross pay for that week, in this case £350.00. Therefore in this example the holiday amount which will be accrued for you will be £42.25”

Please note we will not be able to process holiday pay requested after your leave has been taken.

Holiday pay not used by the end of the holiday year (January to December) may not be carried over to the next year.