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Policy & Research Jobs

Policy & Advocacy Jobs

The purpose of Policy & Advocacy Assistants, Policy & Advocacy Officers or Policy & Advocacy Managers is to assist in developing and advocating policy work, both nationally and internationally, depending on the charity or other not for profit organisation. Policy & Advocacy roles vary depending on the services of the organisation, for instance humanitarian or health charities will offer specific services. 

Responsibilities & Duties for Policy & Advocacy Roles

Policy & Advocacy Assistant, Officer or Manager jobs typically involve: 

  • undertaking research and analysis on policy and activities in the UK, EU, or internationally 
  • assisting in the planning and development of specific projects 
  • ensuring stakeholder participation is effectively coordinated 
  • developing and managing relationships with partnerships and stakeholders 
  • representing the organisation both internally and externally 
  • lobbying legislators to vote in favour of their organisation's interests 

Skills Required for Policy & Advocacy Jobs

Experience in key governmental issues, media and working in campaigns, advocacy, parliamentary or policy environment is preferred. Although no formal qualifications are required, degrees are often very desirable. Policy & Advocacy Assistants, Officers or Managers need to be excellent mediators and have a diplomatic approach. 

Career progression is typically to senior policy roles, such as Policy Director.

Research Jobs

The primary focus of a research job within a charity or other non-profit organisation is to conduct research, including planning, coordination and delivery. The research and method will vary depending on the overall aim. Typical roles include Prospect Researcher, Research Administrator, Research Assistant, Research Analyst or Research Manager.

Responsibilities & Duties for Research Roles

The main duties of a Researcher's job include contributing to the preparation of the project, identifying the methodology for each project and carrying out the research through quantitative or qualitative methods, which can include focus groups, face to face interviews, telephone interviews, workshops and questionnaires. Other duties involved in Researcher jobs include monitoring the progress of research, reviewing and analysing the data, and writing reports and presentations for internal and external audiences.

Skills Required for Research Jobs

Not for profit organisations usually require Researchers to have experience in research, including preparing, conducting and analysing the data. Researchers usually have a degree and a high level of analytical and cognitive skills, good numeracy skills, and the ability to problem-solve with good project management skills.

Responsibilities & Duties for Prospect Researcher Roles

Main duties for this role include:  researching potential high net worth donors or organisations that have a potential to give usually working within the major gifts team and researching on individuals but can also work across all funding streams and provide research, reports and analysis on potential donors.

The Researcher will provide profiles on individuals or organisations, including their potential to give and other interests.

Skills Required for Prospect Researcher Jobs

These include:

  • the ability to act on your own initiative
  • the ability to use specific prospect tools
  • previous experience of producing profiles on individuals or organisations
  • previous experience of researching high net worth donors