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Database Jobs

There are various different jobs involving databases in charities and other kinds of not for profit organisations.  Below we outline some of the most common roles.

Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs, such as Data Entry Clerk or Data Administrator, are often available on a temporary or contract basis. Charities and other not for profit organisations require data entry staff to undertake the collation and cleansing of their contact data. This data can be stored in various forms, including Microsoft Word, Excel or databases such as Raiser’s Edge, CARE, Visual Alms, Salesforce and ThankQ.

Responsibilities & Duties for Data Entry Roles

Key responsibilities for Data entry jobs include:

  • transferring the data to databases or systems
  • identifying incorrect or incomplete data records
  • confirming data is correct by telephone or the internet
  • may require analysis & interpretation of data
  • logging donations

Skills Required for Data Entry Jobs

Required skills for data entry jobs include strong analytical skills, understanding data, experiencing of using data in various forms and excellent attention to detail. Some organisations require previous experience in their field, eg medical charities.

It is essential for data entry roles to have had previous experience of using Excel and databases such as Raiser’s Edge, Visual Alms, Gift Aid, CARE or Salesforce. To gain experience, we would recommend a period of volunteering.

Data Analysis/ Campaign Selection Jobs

Data Analysts / Campaign Selection Assistants are responsible for segmentation, selection and producing reports for fundraisers. They will also advise fundraisers on data and work with them closely to produce accurate reports to increase income for the charity.

Duties & Responsibilities of Data Analysis Roles

In this role you’ll be using your technical expertise to extrapolate data by using advanced computerised models. The job is very technical and heavily influenced by mathematics and advanced algorithms.

Skills Required for Data Analyst Jobs

Most organisations use software programmes to analyse their data, so usually Data Analysts are required to have technical knowledge and experience of these systems. Data Analyst jobs do not normally require a particular formal qualification, but many organisations will require a degree or mathematical qualification, as well as research knowledge in quantitative and qualitative methodology. Experience of analysing and drawing conclusions from research is required, along with experience of writing reports or research documents for a variety of audiences. Previous knowledge of statistical analysis, quality assurance SQL and SASS is also a requirement for Data Analysis roles.

Database Officer or Manager Jobs

Database Officers and Managers are responsible for maintaining and in some cases setting up a charity’s database.  The responsibilities for these roles and skills required usually include elements from both of the roles above.