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Graphic Design Jobs

Graphic Designers handle all aspects of graphic design for charities and other not for profit organisations, creating artwork for posters, adverts, brochures, signage, brochures and websites.  Graphic Design jobs are generally found within larger charities - smaller organisations tend to out-source this kind of work.

Responsibilities & Duties for Graphic Design Roles

A Graphic Designer's role is to provide a creative visual answer to their organisation's needs, such as in the form of a poster, logo or website.  This is a purely creative role and involves making memborable images, designs and layouts which convey messages and capture moods.

Skills Required for Graphic Design Jobs

Graphic Designers in charities will need previous experience and confidence in their abilities.  To apply for graphic design roles, you will generally require a portfolio of previous work, both on- and off-line and be able to discuss how your work fulfilled the needs of the organisation.  Expertise in graphic design software packages, eg Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator is essential, and Graphic Designers are usually required to have experience in using Macs.