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IT Manager Jobs

Responsibilities & Duties for IT Manager Roles

Depending on the size of the organisation, this role can vary greatly. In some cases, in smaller organisations, this is the only IT post, so the role will encompass all aspects of IT. In larger organisations, this role will typically be responsible for IT Support / Helpdesk and/or IT Infrastructure Engineer / Analyst positions, and sometimes sits under an IT Director, in very large organisations. The IT Manager and the IT Director may even be the same role, depending on the title preference, but in either instance, the IT Manager will liaise with the CEO and board of directors to ensure that the organisation has the best IT infrastructure possible, and that the organisation is getting the most appropriate and value for money solutions that it can.

Skills Required for IT Manager Jobs

As this is often a role which requires line management, strong leadership skills are crucial, as is the ability to motivate and coordinate a team to deliver the best service possible. Excellent communication skills are a must, as the role will often involve attending board meetings and voicing an opinion on IT matters. The IT Manager will typically liaise with external providers and contractors, so the ability to analyse and review services, ensuring the best value for money, is essential. IT Managers will have typically worked in IT roles for many years and will often hold degrees or several certifications.