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Temporary Healthcare Jobs

See our Guide to Temping for specific information about temping with TPP.

As well as recruiting for permanent positions, TPP Healthcare also act as a temping agency and handle a high volume of temporary healthcare jobs in private and NHS surgeries, hospitals, clinics, charities and other healthcare providers.

Why temp?

If you are seeking permanent work, temping can be a way to gain valuable experience, develop your CV and gain a footing in the job market. It can also be helpful in giving an insight into various organisations and extremely useful if you are undecided on your career choice.

It can also be particularly beneficial if you are returning to work or looking for a career change, and of course if you are on a working holiday or have a commitment on the horizon, such as studying, which would conflict with a permanent role.

Temping is a useful way to develop new skills and often you can be put forward for roles that perhaps you wouldn’t be considered for as the role is for a shorter term the client is more likely to look favourably on you and be willing to “give you a go”.

Skills Required for Healthcare Temp Jobs

Although temp jobs are a great way to expand your experience, employers are unlikely to consider candidates with no previous experience whatsoever. Our clients are generally looking for candidates with experience of using booking software, such as EMIS Web, EMIS LV or Vision.

If you don’t have any previous experience, please have a look at our article on getting work experience with your GP.

We are always looking for qualified and experienced professionals to temp – contact for more info.