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IT Director Jobs

Responsibility and duties for a Director of IT

A Director of Information Technology has a number of responsibilities of growing importance in an increasingly IT orientated office workspace. This role is wider than simply ensuring that IT equipment is functional and maintaining IT hardware. A Director of IT in most organisations is likely to be in charge of IT security – ensuring that the systems and mechanisms by which data is kept secure and confidential are in place and working correctly. The Director of IT must also ensure that all staff have sufficient knowledge to limit the dangers they could pose to IT systems. Additional responsibilities include ensuring that the hardware and software is fit for purpose and up to date, ensuring that training needs are met and that the IT supporting operations is robust enough to ensure that IT will be a benefit and not a detriment to their not for profit organisation.

Skills required from a Director of IT

A Director of IT is certain to have official qualifications in IT, possibly involving qualifications from the Chartered Institute of IT. Depending on the size of the organisation, a history of managing IT systems of similar size and complexity is very likely to be necessary. The minimum requirement of an IT function is service delivery and successful IT Directors will be adept in leading teams that enable this. The best IT Directors will be key partners in programme delivery and will push for contribution to business thinking (and even using IT to transform business operations). This process is crucial in helping to change perceptions of IT as a cost centre to IT as a business partner.