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Programmes / Operations / Services Director Jobs

Responsibilities and duties for a Director of Operations

An operations director ensures that the functions of the organisation are effective, necessary and fit with the organisation’s strategy. Their role is to turn the strategy and policy of the organisation into effective outcomes for their beneficiaries. In larger organisations that undertake a wide variety of operational activities the Director of Operations usually co-ordinates a number of Heads of Department, each one with a specialism over that particular operation. Depending on the nature of the operations that a Director of Operations can oversee, they may be given a more specific but equivalent title e.g. Director of Services, Director of Nursing, Director of Retail etc.

Skills required from a Director of Operations

A successful Director of Operations will need to have experience of managing a large number of diverse staff in the majority of circumstances, or else coordinating a number of senior staffs activities. Aside from this, the special skills required by any Director of Operations is dependent on the activities of the organisation they are in. Some knowledge and experience of the field is likely to be a requirement, as well as experience in at least some of the activities that you will be Director of. There is no general qualification suitable for all Directors of Operations, but qualifications relevant to the activities your operational staff will be performing will be beneficial.