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Corporate Resources Jobs

Responsibilities & duties for Directors of Resources

A Director of Resources will be responsible for facilities, property and all other non-human resources e.g. vehicles, specialist equipment etc. In some organisations, the Director of Resource functions are performed by a Director of Finance as non-financial resources are minimal; in larger organisations or those that use a larger amount of specialised buildings and equipment a Director of Resources is vital and may be tasked with the Director of Finance role as well. A Director of Resources can also be responsible for the duties of a Director of IT.

The Director of Resources must be constantly reviewing the strategy of the not for profit organisation and advising on the suitability of the current resources to act according to the strategy. They then must plan what additional/upgraded resources will be necessary and liaise with the Director of Finance and any income generating Directors over what will be needed to be able to purchase the resources. New resources may be as small as spare parts for technical equipment or as large as a new office because the size of the current one would not allow the organisational growth the business strategy expects. They will also be responsible for the general maintenance of all resources and systems within their remit.

Skills required for Directors of Resources

​Depending on the scope of the Director of Resources, the role may require a formal education in finance such as a CCAB recognised qualification or an MBA. Significant managerial experience and knowledge of accounting applications such as SAGE are required alongside experience in presenting to the SMT and reviewing systems. They will also need experience in facilities management at a relevant scale to the organisation, and experience of managing specialist equipment if the not for profit organisation owns or leases such tools at its disposal. As a personal characteristic, a modern Director of Resources needs to be a team player and capable of engaging positively with the business plan to find ways that it can be made to work, rather than reasons that it cannot work.