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COO Jobs

Responsibilities & duties of a Chief Operating Officer

A Chief Operating Officer is a very broad role overseeing a number of functional areas – it is responsible for all areas of the not for profit organisation relating to the operational activity. This encompasses the functional area of a Director of Operations, Resources, Finance, HR and. They may also be responsible on a global SMT for Directors of Countries or Regions, and be the de facto Deputy Chief Executive at when the need arises.

Skills required for a Chief Operating Officer

​A Chief Operating Officer will need the credibility to inform the roles of a Director of Operations and a Director of Finance – possibly including having a financial qualification. They will need the authority and organisational skill to manage a number of people with diverse skills and responsibilities that will be reporting to them, and to manage large scale operational performance on behalf of the not for profit organisation. They must be capable of maintaining oversight of the activities of the organisation at all times, with the ability to identify high and low performing activities and to alter them or maintain them accordingly.