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Why temping is good for your career – at any level

There’s a wide variety of reasons why temping can provide valuable experience at any stage of your career. In this career advice article we look at the benefits of temping / contracting and how it can give your career a real boost.

Learning new skills

If you have been in a permanent role for a while with no opportunity to train or grow, then temping is a great way to advance your skills. It can help fill in skill gaps on your CV, which can then lead to future work and career progression.

Further opportunity

If you have recently finished your education and are looking to get on the career ladder, temporary work can be a great way to get into an organisation and learn new skills, which can often lead to permanent work. Many charity clients will hire on a temp to perm basis, so you get to test how you like working for that organisation, whilst upskilling, but there is no pressure to take a permanent job if you decide it is not best suited to you.

Flexibility of time out – for education or yourself

With temporary work you are fully in control of when and where you work. You may be at a point in your career when you wish to further your education, spend more time with your family, volunteer, or learn some new skills. Temping or contracting gives you the opportunity to take time out when you wish. Some temporary assignments are part-time or based on shifts, which can help with childcare, family arrangements, part-time education or volunteering. They often have a finish date, so you know you can take time out at the end for things like holidays or if you have exams coming up.


Temping and contracting is a great way to network. You will meet a lot of people and if you do a good job it can often lead to more work and referrals. Many interim candidates and contractors will go straight onto further work from referrals. This can be great if you want to be self-employed or do consultancy work.

Experience – organisations can have big impact on your CV

Many large charities will hire staff on a temporary/ interim basis, to cover staff shortages. Work experience at a charity with a national brand can have a big impact on your CV in getting further work, whether that is more temporary work or a permanent role.

Experiment until you find your ideal career

Sometimes people are unsure what their ideal career is, or perhaps have been working in a role and decided they are not enjoying it. Temporary work allows you to experiment in other areas, to find what you enjoy or really dislike. In order to hit the ground running, you will need relevant experience when applying for a temporary role, so think about the skills you have and how they can be used for the role you are applying for.

Can give you a confidence boost

Starting a new job is nerve wracking, but if you do it frequently enough it will help increase your confidence. You will be building people skills on every job, you will gain skills in picking up systems/ processes quickly and probably having to think on your feet.  This can all help when interviewing for other roles, giving you lots of confidence with concrete examples of your skills.

Regular pay – usually weekly or fortnightly

An added bonus of temping through TPP is being paid weekly. Some people find this more manageable, as you constantly have money coming in. You can often expect a higher salary for interim/ contract roles, than permanent roles, which allows for possible gaps where you may not be working.

Many of the same benefits as permanent staff

It is worth remembering that you are protected in a temporary assignment. You will accrue holiday, receive regular pay and receive the same working conditions as your employees and use of any shared facilities. After 12 weeks you also have the same pay and working conditions as someone employed directly, such as equal pay. You can find further details about this on the website.

If you are interested in a temporary or interim role, please contact us on 020 7198 6000 or You can also sign up for job alerts on our website and follow our Facebook Charity Temps page to be notified of our temporary roles as they become available.