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Do you have the enthusiasm to help us set up our new charity Board for Artemis Studios?

Do you want to be in at the start of our new charity? Are you interested in supporting children and young people's education, mental and physical health through the performing arts, theatre and dance?

About Us

Artemis Studios produces and provides performing arts education and support for young people aged 4-24, through theatrical production, training and applied theatre. We are non-profit and moving to offering everything as accessible and inclusive as is possible, through low-fees or no-fees for our students.

Increasingly, we are supporting young people's mental health through our performing arts and offering pastoral support to children, young people and even parents.

We were established in 2007 and since 2014, operate Company Limited by Guarantee. The Directors are establishing it as a Registered Charity, but need people who have not been previously connected with the organisation to become 'independent' trustees and join the new Board.

Our turnover in 2019 approached £220k, and even with a Covid-19 year, we predict similar or higher for the immediate future. Obviously, our services to children and young people have been severely limited but we are on track to continue to build our Reserves. We have plans to increase our provision and re-establish our own venue, and we need you to be part of that exciting development.

The role

Our existing Board of Directors will transform into a charity trustee Board once we have sufficient independent (unconnected) trustees and we can continue our registration with the Charity Commission.

We are looking for more than one person with abilities, skills, enthusiasm or experience in ANY or more of the following:

  • Marketing; sales; promotion; campaigning & awareness
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Facilities (buildings, etc.) development
  • Charity or not-for-personal-profit organisational governance
  • Professional creative arts practice in theatre, film or television
  • Experience in the Further Education sector
  • Experience in developing inclusivity and diversity in governance and operations

We're a not-for-personal-profit business, so we want you to help us apply charity principles in governing our organisation. We especially want to expand the diversity of our board, in all meanings of the term.

Interest in young people, mental health support, education or the performing arts and associated disciplines might be beneficial, but potential applicants do not need in-depth understanding of, or involvement in, our operational cause; you do need to grasp governance, change management and strategic planning, and be independent from the existing Company Directors and operational employees.

We ask for approx. four hours of your time per month, which includes all meetings, correspondence, communication, etc. The Board currently meets online for 90 minutes (unless there is a specific emergency challenge).

What do you get as a volunteer trustee with our organisation?

  • An opportunity to exercise your strategic & planning skills in one or more of those areas shown, probably in a different environment or context
  • A chance to expand and implement your understanding of the arts in support of children and young people's mental and physical wellbeing
  • A chance to augment your experience of charities
  • A boost to your career and CV, if needed
  • Satisfaction of helping an organisation that supports children and young people, thus giving something back to your community
  • Induction training from us; training, support and assistance from our local charity-support & advice agency

What do we get?

  • Your skills, knowledge, understanding or experience, ideally in any one of those areas with which we most need assistance - we don't expect one person to have all of those, though!
  • Your abilities to influence plans for our charity's future
  • Enhancement to our overall governance and the Board of trustees; improvement in our charity governance and operational growth
  • Your participation in our collective decision-making, contributing to all areas of our charity work
  • Your enthusiasm

What do our beneficiaries get?

  • The ability to continue our support for children and young people's wellbeing, including offering low-fee or no-fee access
  • Our organisation established as a well-governed Registered Charity
  • A forward-looking and agile organisation, with a well-informed and well-managed Board of trustees

I need to know more

Contact Mike Allen for more information and arrange to have a no-obligation initial informal discussion (phone, WhatsApp, Teams, Zoom, Meet, etc.)