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Why volunteer for Harry's Rainbow?

Harry's Rainbow is a child bereavement charity, supporting beneficiaries in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. The support we offer ranges from the provision of books, resources and memory boxes to regular support groups which are designed to facilitate contact with others who have suffered a bereavement. Activities and trips are designed to support children through their grief by building self-esteem and confidence and reducing feelings of
isolation and loneliness.

We think very highly of our volunteers as they bring crucial support to our charity and teams. Our volunteers receive uniform, ID badge and are encouraged to claim out of pocket expenses. We hold both an annual induction for volunteers and an annual celebration of our volunteers and depending upon the role, we also provide necessary training courses and DBS checks.

This is a great opportunity to give a little something back to the local community, particularly to a smaller charity and support its growth.

Main Purpose of the Role

The role of a Trustee (Secretary) is to serve on the governing body of the charity in order to control and be ultimately responsible for its management and administration. There are several aspects of the role, from mapping out the strategic direction of the charity in accordance with the framework set out in the charities governing document, to ensuring that they do not benefit financially from their position.

As a Trustee of The Harry's Rainbow Charitable Trust you will be asked to use your personal skills and experience as needed to ensure that the charity is run efficiently.

You must consider external professional advice on matters where there may be material risk to The Harry's Rainbow Charitable Trust, or where the trustees may be in breach of their duties.

You will also ensure that The Harry's Rainbow Charitable Trust are meeting their objectives as laid out in the Constitution.

Key Activities

  • Liaise with the Chair to plan, arrange and produce meeting agendas.
  • Take relevant notes, recording all decisions made by the board, typing up said notes and sending them to the board in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that Company Law, Charity Law and regulatory requirements of reporting and public accountability are compiled with.
  • Ensure that all meetings comply with the requirements of the constitution.
  • Arranging and administrating Trustee meetings and any sub-committees in line with legal and other regulatory requirements, and in accordance with the constitution.
  • This may be in partnership with the Chair.
  • Acting as custodian of the constitution, in liaison with the Trustees, reviewing its appropriateness and monitoring that the Charity's activities reflect the objects set out in the governing document.
  • Supporting the Trustees in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.
  • In addition, ensuring that Trustees are fulfilling their role as laid out in the Trustee Role Description and Declaration and reporting to the Chair and board of any concerns.
  • Ensuring that Trustee decisions are implemented in accordance with the constitution or other internal operations procedures. Liaise with the Treasurer and Chair to organise the AGM in line with the charity's procedures.
  • Attend at least 75% of board meetings, held monthly. You may also be called to attend additional 'emergency' meetings.
  • Be in attendance of at least 2 events throughout the year in addition to the charities major event - Jessica's Rainbow Run.
  • Attend the AGM, which is normally held in November.
  • Report any problems, personal concerns or absence to the Chair.
  • Report any conflict of interest to the Chair as soon as possible.
  • Ensure the charity is compliant with relevant legislation, as well as the requirements of regulatory bodies such as the Charity Commission.
  • Adhere to the charity's own Code of Conduct.
  • Keep a rein on the charity's activities, ensuring that it does not stray from its charitable objectives or the rest of its governing document.

Person specification

  • Excellent organisation and communication skills
  • Integrity, strategic vision and good/independent judgement
  • A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to their duties as Trustee (Secretary)
  • Ability to take decisions for the good of the organisation
  • Willingness to speak one's mind and listen to the views of others
  • Ability to work effectively as a member of a team
  • Understanding of the legal responsibilities and liabilities of a Trustee
  • Commitment to the organisation for a 3-year period

Desirable experience

  • Knowledge of a CRM system
  • Prior experience of committee/trustee work
  • Knowledge of the type of work undertaken by the organisation
  • A wider involvement with the voluntary sector

Additional information

To be a Trustee you:

  • Must be 18 or over.
  • Must not have been convicted of a serious crime.
  • Must not have been declared bankrupt.
  • Must not have been disqualified as a Company Director.

It is important that as a Trustee the following documents have been read, understood and signed:

  • Trustee Code of Conduct.
  • Trustee Declaration.

To find out more about the role or to apply, please email Heidi Math, Chairperson at