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'Volunteer Trustee's' needed x3 for a charity!

Hi all and thank you for taking the time to read my advert.

I am seeking to appoint '3' charity trustees on a 'voluntary' basis for my non-profit charity called 'Guardian; Here for you!', founded in June 2021. The charity is here to help certain vulnerable persons who meet strict criteria living in 'Lambeth and Southwark'. Created by myself, Dean Lemar.

The objectives of the charity are to offer comfort and financial aid during times or hardship and emergency to vulnerable groups, such as; The older person (70 onwards). The younger person (16-24). Those with certain chronic illness/disease/disability (e.g. HIV, Agoraphobia, Autism, Spinal stenosis, Dementia). Vulnerable Gay men in the LGBT+ community, and groups who wish to undertake community projects towards the same.

Relying on the hard work of volunteers and the much-needed donations; The charity will support those persons by purchasing equipment, clothes, arranging treatments or other services, by giving care, and by delivering financial help throughout the year (especially during the winter months) that in turn will also benefit communities by easing burdens on other resources.

'Guardian' will bring happiness, relief, and peace to those who need it during times of loneliness, despair and worry (times when it may seem that there is nowhere else to turn). Devoted to bringing safety and joy to as many persons as possible, 'Guardian' will make a huge difference to the lives of the vulnerable. For more details, please check out Guardians website:

The trustee role is an exciting venture, 'vital' for the security and future expansion of the charity. I am looking for fresh, youthful, energy to bring new ideas and grow with the charity - helping it to evolve.

Anyone is welcome to apply, on a 'voluntary' basis, as long as you;

  • Are 18 years old or over.
  • Hold a British passport and are fluent in English.
  • Have No religious or Self-serving agendas, and practice Equality and Diversity.

TIME requested:

  • To attend '2' meetings per year (more when needed).

MAIN duties at meetings and other times when consulted by other trustees:

  • At meetings; to vote on matters for possible change for the best interest of the charity and its function.
  • To ensure Guardian is carrying out its purposes for public benefit and not spending funds on the wrong purposes.
  • To comply with (and familiarise with) Guardians 'constitution', 'polices', and any agreements.
  • To seek advice where needed on any matter, and raise concerns or request trustee meetings for such.
  • To always act in Guardian's best interests.
  • To avoid putting yourself in a position where duty to the charity conflicts with personal interests or loyalty to any other person or body within.
  • To not take any benefit from the charity unless it's properly authorised and is clearly in the charity's interests (and as stated in the constitution); this also includes anyone who is financially connected to you, such as a partner, dependent child or business partner.
  • To manage any of the charity's resources responsibly, and act responsibly, reasonably and honestly. And to report any illegal activity.
  • To give suggestions and opinions at meetings in regards to the running of the charity, should you have such. As well as support (when needed) any fundraising/awareness events.
  • Optional; To take on title of 'Charity secretary' (if delegated) which would bring with it slight extra 'voluntary' duties, such as; Minute taking at meetings, (on occasion) possible contact for new volunteers, contact for email enquiries regarding Guardian. And secondary signee for the charity bank account (This title will become a paid/employed role in the near future depending on agreement).

What Guardian needs;

  • Individuals who are fresh and 'Inexperienced' as a trustee, with free time (i.e. to attend 2 meetings per year, and the odd few hours every now and then).
  • Good team players with attention to detail.
  • Persons who are trustworthy, caring, outgoing, honest, reliable, literate, analytical, with no criminal record, and who are not involved in bankruptcy proceedings or gambling.

What Guardian can offer;

  • Travel expenses (and other as arranged where needed).
  • References which look great on your CV, and a chance to gain experience.
  • Flexibility and possible future employment.
  • Paid training and expenses, and attendance to events if needed.
  • And, of course, the chance to make a difference!

If you would like a quick application form - or have any questions - please do not hesitate to contact me on: