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Explore is the operational name of The Students Exploring Marriage Trust - a registered educational charity.

We apply the principle of learning by experience, where young people lead their own dialogue to investigate the relationships of ordinary couples who, in response, offer the experience of their own marriage. Marriage is used as a case study for a long term committed relationship since it is capable of definition and is considered a key building block in our society.

Our young people are prepared and supported to draw conclusions from these dialogues as to the moral components and life skills that produce enduring and healthy relationships, family life and marriage in today's society.

Explore - Treasurer Trustee Role

Are you numerate and able to support the Chief Executive to deliver financial reporting to the whole board? We need you to understand fundraising and charity accounts and can contribute to discussions re expansion or mergers.

What will you be doing?

We need you to communicate the management accounts to the board, to make recommendations and support the senior team, to help with the preparation of the annual report and accounts, to monitor and forecast cash flow for our small charity.

The board meets 4-5 times a year in Winchester from 4pm-6.30pm typically.

All the staff team (less than 10), are part time and work remotely. The Chief Executive is very experienced and does not need a lot of 'help' but does need a financial critical friend to bounce ideas around with. The charity engages a local firm of accountants to produce the management accounts each month.

The challenge ahead is that the charity has remained small for the past 20 years - yet believes that there is an opportunity to expand rapidly over the coming three years. This will require bravery, innovation and investment. It will also need careful planning, collaboration, partnership and potentially merger with other like-minded organisations in order to fulfil its mission.

The charity is under new management and would like to refresh its board membership following a skills audit. The existing financial advisor to the board has served for over a decade and it is time for new blood to join the board as a treasurer trustee for a term of three years.

What are we looking for?

You will have experience in one or more of the below:

  • Qualified accountant
  • Financial director
  • Charity senior exec or volunteer

What difference will you make?

We have been in existence for almost 20 years but have remained small (£150,000-£200,000 annual income) but we are well placed to grow over the next three years, due to curriculum changes in our subject area of relationships education.

Not only will you help us grow, but you will help us reach 100,000 young people over the next three years, doubling our impact since we began. Our ultimate goal is to better inform young people about long term relationships, so by helping us to grow you will be supporting youth mental health improvement and reducing the future impact on family breakdown.

What's in it for the volunteer?

  • You'll make a tangible difference to our charity.
  • You'll help navigate a period of immense growth.
  • You'll be working with highly engaged trustees and executive team.

A few more details

To find out more about this opportunity, please email

Once you have applied or expressed an interest, we'll set up a phone call with Lisa our chief exec to discuss the role and any questions you may have.

Assuming that goes well, we'll arrange a face to face meeting with the Chair of Trustees and the Chief Executive or another trustee. We'd also like you to observe the charity in action which will mean a trip to a school during term time.

Shortlisted candidates will be recommended to the board at their October-December meeting/s, with a view to starting from November or January.