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Honorary Treasurer - Trustee

Honorary Treasurer - Trustee

About CCC

Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling (CCC) was originally founded in 1978 with a remit to provide counselling for adults who needed it but were unable to afford it, and to train counsellors to professional standards. In 2019 CCC converted to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

CCC's charitable objectives are "the relief of those suffering from poverty, sickness and distress by providing assistance for such persons in the form of counselling and advancing education by providing training courses to train people to offer such counselling." CCC

  • provides affordable counselling to those in the local community who either cannot afford to pay market rates or wait for a GP appointment, ensuring a lack of funds is no barrier to getting help
  • provides counselling and related mental health services to organisations/corporates
  • collaborates with other charities to provide counselling services to their beneficiaries, e.g. to rough sleepers and parents of disabled children.

CCC supports people with a wide variety of problems; including anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, critical or chronic illness, disability, trauma, life change and many other challenges. The impact of counselling and talking therapies is now well-understood. Our monitoring of the impact of counselling for our clients shows a very positive experience and outcome for the vast majority.

A strategy for 2020-2025 has just been finalised and business planning is underway. CCC's vision is a world where all those who could benefit from counselling services have the opportunity to access them, at a time when they need them, whatever their financial means.

In addition to the general responsibilities of a trustee, the Hon Treasurer has the following additional responsibilities:

  • Liaising with the Director on all financial matters
  • Overseeing the presentation budgets, accounts and financial statements
  • Being assured that the financial resources of the organisation meet its present and future needs
  • Ensuring that the charity has an appropriate reserves policy
  • Ensuring that appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place
  • Advising on the financial implications of the organisation's strategic plans
  • Ensuring that the charity has an appropriate investment policy
  • Ensuring that the accounts are prepared and disclosed in the form required by funders and the relevant statutory bodies, for example the Charity Commission and/or the Registrar of Companies
  • If external scrutiny of accounts is required, ensuring that the accounts are scrutinised in the manner required (independent examination or audit) and any recommendations are implemented
  • Keeping the board informed about its financial duties and responsibilities
  • Contributing to the fundraising strategy of the organisation
  • Making a formal presentation of the accounts at the annual general meeting and drawing attention to important points in a coherent and easily understandable way

In addition to the person specification for a trustee, the Hon Treasurer should have the following qualifications and qualities:

  • A recognised financial qualification
  • Senior level financial management experience
  • Some experience of charity finance and fundraising (desirable)
  • The skills to analyse proposals and examine their financial consequences
  • Being prepared to make unpopular recommendations to the board
  • A willingness to be available to staff for advice and enquiries on an ad hoc basis

The general duties of a trustee are as follows

  • Ensuring that CCC pursues its stated objects (purposes), as defined in its governing document, by developing and agreeing a long-term strategy
  • Ensuring that CCC complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations
  • Ensuring that CCC applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its charitable objects for the benefit of the public
  • Ensuring that CCC defines its goals and evaluates performance against agreed targets
  • Safeguarding the good name and values of CCC
  • Ensuring the effective and efficient administration of CCC, including having appropriate policies and procedures in place
  • Ensuring the financial stability of CCC
  • Protecting and managing the property of the charity and ensuring the proper investment of the charity's funds
  • Following proper and formal arrangements for the appointment, supervision, support, appraisal and remuneration of the director

The general person specification of a trustee is follows

  • A commitment to CCC
  • A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort
  • Strategic vision
  • Good, independent judgement
  • An ability to think creatively
  • A willingness to speak their mind
  • An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship
  • An ability to work effectively as a member of a team
  • A commitment to Nolan's seven principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

For an informal chat prior to applying please email

To apply, please send a CV and covering letter to