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About Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True is a national Children's Charity who exists to create moments of magic for children who have it tough.  We are passionate about delivering dreams that have a lasting impact on those who might not even consider having a dream come true.  The children we support are living in the highest areas of deprivation in the country, and are living with a disability, a serious illness, or a life-limiting condition.  These children need our attention.   

Who we support

To ensure we reach the children who deserve our attention the most, we work with children who are living in the highest areas of deprivation in the country, and are living with a disability, serious illness, or life-limiting conditions.

What is a Dream?

Our dreams create moments of magic with lasting impact and are personal to each child we work with.   Our team of dream makers, work closely with children and families to deliver a unique experience, that will provide moments of magic and have a lasting impact long after the dream has come true.  The types of dreams we offer are:  

  • Home Makeovers: Bedrooms redesigned by our team of dream makers, inspired by each dream child, or garden play equipment to enhance a child's environment
  • Getaways: UK holidays and cherished experience days built to inspire a lifetime of memories
  • Small change, Big impact Programme: This programme aims to improve the daily lives of isolated children through access to vital equipment and technology.

Our Makeovers, Experience Days and Small change, Big impact Programme can all be delivered on an individual basis or as part of a Community Dream.

Why is this role important?

Dream stories are an important part of how we open a dialogue with our audience and keep them engaged with the work that we do. We gather feedback and generate Dream Stories to fundraise, engage donors, provide feedback to funders and referrers, and record the dreams we deliver to mark our history as a charity and improve.

The Role

As Family Feedback and Dream Story volunteer you will speak to families over the phone to gather information about:

  • The Dream child, who they are, their personality and interests.
  • The child’s medical condition and how that impacts them.
  • What the dream was, where the idea came from and why it was important to them.
  • Highlights from the dream and how it went.
  • The impact of the dream since it came true.  

As well as any other information you feel is relevant and would make for a compelling story, that the family are happy for us to use.

You will then use this information to create a Dream Story that will be written in line with DCT guidelines and used across the charity. Dreams Come True are required to keep accurate records of the full conversation with the family, so we will also ask the volunteer to provide the notes of the call.

You may be required to talk to the Dream Family and/or Dream Child about how they can support the charity if they so wish to, but we never ask families to make donations. You may need to signpost them to someone else within the charity.

Suitable for:

  • Those with experience of creative writing; either through work, education, or volunteering
  • Those who are excellent communicators both written and verbal (especially over the phone) 
  • Those wanting to help fulfil the dreams of children and young people who have it tough, living with serious and life-limiting conditions and disabilities in areas of high deprivation.
  • Those wanting to work closely with our dream families
  • Those able to organise their own time and keep accurate records.
  • Those who are aware of active listening skills and can use them confidently
  • Those who can write clearly, accurately and succinctly.
  • Those motivated and excited to work within a small charity
  • Those who can respond well in sensitive situations

 Location of Volunteering

  • This volunteer role can be done from home

Are travel expenses reimbursed?

  • If you need to travel for this volunteer role it will be reimbursed, but it is unlikely as this is a remote working role.

 Time Commitment

  • We would like each volunteer to be able to call two families and write up two dream stories a week. Time commitment and working hours are flexible.

Training & Benefits

Volunteers will:

  • Be given a full induction and training 
  • Receive access to a suite of accredited online training courses including equality and diversity, safeguarding and GDPR
  • Gain experience working with fundraisers, volunteers and charity professionals
  • Have the opportunity to improve their written and verbal communication skills.
  • Have the opportunity to work with our Dream Families and/or Dream Children directly
  • Make a positive difference to the lives of children with serious conditions and disabilities. 

 Is a DBS Check required?

  • DBS is required as you will be speaking with Dream families and or Dream Children over the phone

Personal Requirements

  • Willingness to work flexibly within a team
  • The ability to self-motivate and manage your own time
  • Able to contribute ideas, be creative and use innovative skills.
  • Show commitment to creating dream stories in full
  • Enthusiasm
  • Good communication
  • Organisational skills.

 If you would like to apply for this role, please fill out an application form.

This role is advertised as part of TPP's Free Giving Back Services. This volunteer advertisement copy has been supplied to TPP and applicants apply direct to the organisation. Please contact the organisation directly if you have any questions about this volunteer role.


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