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Available Regional Candidates

Head of Communications - Northampton 

Candidate Ref: 268649

This candidate is a communications specialist with a proven track record of success in leadership, influencing and engagement. They have proven experience within the third sector and is now looking to put their skills to good use, this candidate would be able to offer any charity a wealth of knowledge. They’ve raised the profile of several charities ensuring that they have a clear direction and good strong understanding of digital communications to guarantee long term success. 

Trusts Fundraising Manager - North East & Cumbria

Candidate Ref: 265301

This brilliant candidate has been with her current charity for 6 years in which time she has grown trusts from £0 to £200,000 per year. She is extremely warm and approaches trusts in a gentle and compassionate way. As part of her current role she also works on events, sporting events, corporate, payroll giving, legacy, community and appeals (she is in a small organisation that has a big presence in the North East). Her passion lies within the sector, working with children and youth based organisations.

Corporate Fundraising Manager - North West 

Candidate Ref: 236738

This dedicated Corporate Fundraiser has managed large scale challenge events and delivered positive financial results. She has also successfully managed a £1million a year account with a major UK retail brand and developed a successful marketing and volunteer strategy.

Trusts and Fundraising Manager - Scotland

Candidate Ref: 201581

This candidate has more than eleven years of proven experience in growing income from trusts, foundations and statutory grant-making bodies, for a broad spectrum of charitable organisations. This includes six years in total for health/medical charities and for arts and trade charities. This candidate has the strategic skills to surpass expectations in any trust/fundraising management role. 

Community and Events Fundraiser - Yorkshire 

Candidate Ref: 262639

A highly motivated and dedicated community and events fundraiser has organised everything from small scale events to challenge events, developed a strong team of community supporters and event volunteers. This candidate has successfully incorporated in-memoriam giving into her role and has seen a significant increase income from this area.

Individual Giving and Engagement Manager - Somerset

Candidate Ref: 300994

An enthusiastic professional fundraiser who is passionate about making a real difference to big issues like conservation, education, disability and animal welfare.  With over 20 years of local, regional and national fundraising this candidate has good knowledge of donor acquisition and development (moves management). Experience of evaluating the supporter journey and implementing any changes necessary. Possess the communication skills required to support and encourage colleagues when times are tough and to congratulate them when they triumph.

Head of Marketing - Gloucestershire

Candidate Ref: 301999

A Sales & Marketing professional with extensive expertise & experience in sales, marketing & commercial strategy, with 4 global & European commercial goods companies. Areas of expertise include; commercial strategy, project management, key stakeholder engagement & team leadership. Now looking for a full time move into the third sector in a role which fully utilises their transferable skills across strategy, stakeholder management & leadership.

They have been extensively involved in a voluntary capacity as leader & volunteer for several charitable organisations, from President of Exeter University Student Community Action through to fundraising and voluntary work. 

Fundraising Officer - East Anglia 

Candidate Ref: 278578

A highly skilled and conscientious worker with effective and accurate communication skills. A loyal and trustworthy employee who is an enthusiastic and active team member as well as being able to work autonomously. She has produced grant proposals which have been both attractive and passionate, and a she has style of writing which is engaging and authentic. With excellent organisational skills, this candidate would be a great asset in the running of any dynamic environment.

Fundraising & Marketing Manager - East Midlands 

Candidate Ref: 296768

This candidate has successfully led teams that have raised over one billion US dollars to help give millions of the world’s most vulnerable children better lives. He brings over 20 years of experience and achievement within one of the world’s largest charities. With a proven track record of driving income growth in large, medium and start-up fundraising operations, this candidate would be a great addition to any team. With extensive experience as a Marketing Director of two large national fundraising operations, he enjoys using his marketing and communications skills to help increase the profile of the organisations that he works with,  to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Senior Community Fundraising Manager - Staffordshire

Candidate Ref: 273249

This is an ambitious and highly experienced individual with a proven track record in all sectors of charity and community fundraising. They are consistently meeting targets and bringing in over £400,000 each financial year. With their charm and communication skills they have organised and managed many successful fundraising projects and events. Their creative flair has proven popular with some of the most respected charities within the UK and would be a great asset to any organisation. 

For more details on any of these candidates, please contact Ellen Drummond on 0191 249 5203 or Ellisa Thompson (Midlands and North) on 0191 249 5200, Nicky Smith (South) on 0117 360 1317 or