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Interim management

Interim Management Campaign Methodology

Interim management solutions are flexible options to deal with short to mid-term business requirements. Traditionally, interim management solutions are used to cover two types of need:

  1. Short to mid-term cover for currently unavailable staff. There are a variety of reasons why staff might be unavailable – people leaving the business, maternity leave and long term illness being just a few. In these times, getting a permanent and/or immediately available replacement is not always viable and an Interim Manager can fill the void as necessary.

  2. Short or mid-length assignments. This can include projects that might require a particular set of skills that will not be necessary long term e.g. experience of starting up operations, change management experience etc. In these scenarios, it is likely that a permanent hire will be a very costly and inefficient way of completing the work required. Interim managers in this case can be hired on the agreement that their role will end upon the completion of the work in a set time frame, and therefore can be far more cost effective.

Depending on the circumstances of the position becoming available, it can be run as either a contingent or retained assignment. If the role is for project or change management, and often if it is for maternity cover, it is likely that there will be a significant amount of time before the role becomes available to prepare the briefing, find candidates from the widest market possible and complete the most thorough interview process. If the role is to cover sudden departures or large unforeseen operational requirements eg disaster relief operational leadership, then it may be more vital to have a quick process that produces the highest quality candidates in the shortest period of time. In this instance, we are able to quickly produce highly able and reliable candidates at great speed through our existing networks.

Whatever the interim requirements and however quickly they are required, TPP’s networks and search capability are able to react and bring you the very best candidates on the market. No matter how long the assignment will last and for how long the placement will be required, TPP will provide what you need and when you need it.