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Contingency recruitment

Contingent Campaign Methodology

A contingent search campaign is a partnership between TPP and your organisation that allows you to utilise TPP in the way that you require – either as a sole recruiter or part of a group of organisations recruiting for you. The more information we have, the more likely it is a campaign will be successful, but the terms of our working relationship and your involvement in the process remain flexible. Contingent recruitment takes place in the following stages:

  1. Your TPP consultant will receive your requirements and agree with you the details of the process e.g. closing date for applicants, the regularity of contact expected during the recruitment process etc. TPP will also agree advertising for your role, which can include anonymous or branded adverts as agreed.

  2. We will market the roles to as many suitable candidates as possible in the candidate market, contacting people both already known to us and freshly discovered through extensive research (depending on the timeframe allowed in this process). In this period we encourage applications and invite the most relevant to a meeting with us. This ensures that by the time we present our candidates to you they have all been met, interviewed and assessed, not just for their skills but also for their personality fit and empathy for the goals of your organisation. We will also have checked their legal status regarding ability to work and qualifications in line with UK law and the more extensive TPP terms of business.

  3. We present a short list of those candidates that we recommend your organisation interviews, based on their experience and qualifications and following our assessment of them. We will remain available during this selection process to answer any questions you have about the candidates. Once you have selected your candidates, TPP will then update the successful candidates and prepare them for interview with you, as well as manage the unsuccessful candidates.

  4. We will continue working with you and the candidates throughout the process, providing all parties with feedback. We are able to co-ordinate psychometric assessments. Once a candidate is decided upon, TPP will lead the offer process and then remain in contact with you and your new staff member for a minimum of six months to help you develop your partnership from its early stages into a productive and proactive working relationship.