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Many universities have a registry department, which is set up differently within each university. Typically the registry department provides a central support service for academic departments, administrative staff, senior managers and committees of the university as well as the students. The Registry provides support for the academic purposes of the University with a range of services that is often known as academic administration. The Registry department manages the student academic experience form, application through to graduation. 

Responsibilities and Duties for Registry Roles

The Academic Registrar leads and manages the Academic registry and academic administration supporting the full life-cycle of students from enrolment through to graduation.  Roles you could find in a registry department include; admissions, immigration compliance in relation to Tier 4 UKVI, managing and administrating student records and capturing student data on student record management systems such as SITS, including statutory returns such as HESA returns and record-keeping for most of the activities of current students, quality assurance, student complaints and misconduct, timetabling, using timetabling software such as CMIS, committee servicing, exams and assessments, award and graduation ceremonies.

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