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10 transferable tips when interviewing candidates and looking for love

In recruitment, we see many parallels between dating and job hunting, so we thought we would jump on the Valentine’s bandwagon and have some fun by highlighting top tips for your candidate search which can also be used when dating! 1. Be picky but not precise Your ideal hire might be 24 years old with 15 years’ experience, a master’s degree and wanting to work voluntary but it isn’t going to happen in this lifetime! The candidate may bring something else to the table that you hadn’t conside...

Author: Billie Graham
Published: 14 Feb 2017

Why you should always give candidates feedback after an interview

Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking experiences for many people and the days, or even weeks, waiting to hear feedback can be an agonising period. When candidates finally do hear back from an organisation, it can be a weight off their shoulders. Best-case scenario, the candidate is successful and is chosen for the role in question. However, for every candidate that was successful there will also be at least five or six others that weren’t.    Providing constructive feedback is the most ...

Author: Francesca Pateman
Published: 20 Oct 2016