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How to attract more talent – 4 top tips to help you stand out from the crowd

Posted on 18/05/2022 by Sarah Madahar

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​We have spoken to many clients recently with a common theme, how can we attract more candidates? Job levels have continued to remain high this year and organisations are continuing to struggle to fill crucial roles in this competitive market. As many clients are facing similar challenges, I wanted to share some valuable tips and advice on how to stand out from the crowd and attract the best talent to your roles.


​Flexibility is key and still scores highly for employee’s motivations to move roles. A recent report by the Chartered Institute of Management highlighted that more than 80% of organisations have adopted hybrid working models. With inflation at an all-time high and as the cost-of-living crisis takes hold, this can be an attractive choice for both your organisation and current and future employees.

​Organisations can sometimes make savings on city centre premises and employees will benefit from reduced commuting costs. More importantly, you will be helping your current and future employees to achieve a greater work life balance and provide autonomy in how and where they work, boosting productivity, engagement and motivation in a job.

​A hybrid model offers a blended way of working with all the benefits of working remotely with the opportunity for teams to collaborate and socialise together when needed. This approach will enable you to attract, engage and retain the best candidates for your role.

​Although hybrid working is a key selling feature for your organisation to attract the best talent out there, if you want to stand out, you may also want to consider offering a truly flexible working pattern that is individually tailored to each employee’s needs:

  • You could consider more flexible core hours that enables a stress-free school run or the opportunity to take the dog for a walk or taking time to indulge in hobbies that are good for mental wellbeing.

  • Or perhaps you are in a position to consider compressed hours or part time hours for your role?

​As long as you manage expectations as to what needs to be achieved during each week to hit your goals as an organisation, you can offer this level of autonomy that shows you trust your employees and are motivated towards their mental wellbeing.

​Make sure you are selling true flexibility as part of your benefits package when advertising, as organisations that can show that they prioritise their employees’ emotional wellbeing will be best positioned to attract the best talent and will ensure their team are happy, healthy, productive and invested.

Is your pay competitive?

With the unprecedented surge in recruitment levels over the last 18 months across the non-profit sector, demand for skilled candidates is at all time high and is certainly exceeding current supply. Many non-profit organisations are competing to attract, recruit and retain the best talent and salaries are still top of the list when it comes to candidate motivations when looking for their next career step.

Embarking on a recruitment campaign for a crucial role, especially when you are trying to re-fill a role where an employee has left the organisation, leaving a skills gap that needs to be urgently filled can be time sensitive. It can be all too tempting to recruit at the same salary level as before.

The key to offering your role at the right level is to make sure your salary is competitive.

If you want to make sure that you are engaging with the best talent out there:

  • Do your research

  • Look at other organisations of a similar size and type and monitor their job adverts

  • Benchmark to ensure that your compensation package is competitive.

As a leading recruiter in the non-profit sector, TPP Recruitment regularly monitors the recruitment market and offer valuable support and advise on salary benchmarking. For more tips and advise on how to select the right salary level for your role, check out our blog on how to offer the right salary.

If you are unable to offer higher salaries, then you can consider other non-financial benefits, such as pension contributions and flexible working options, to complement your compensation package to attract the best talent. You can find out more about the latest rewards and retention strategies, along with salaries in our Non-profit Salary, Rewards and Retention Survey.

Remove Barriers

If you want to attract the widest and most diverse pool of talent and create a motivated and inspired work force, it is crucial that you can demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

In this competitive market, in order to stand out and attract the best current and future talent to your organisation, you need to make sure your job profiles and adverts are written in an inclusive way:

  • Vocabulary is key to ensure your job profiles and adverts are accessible and prevent deselection.

  • With time pressures contributing to a rushed start to advertise, it can be all too easy to forget to re-evaluate out of date job descriptions often leading to unnecessary “essentials” on the person specification. A recent poll by Reed showed that by asking for too much at the recruitment stage, many candidates that don’t match 100% of the criteria don’t apply and you could be missing out on a great talent pool.

  • Pay close attention to your role design. For more tips and advice, you can read more on role design here. Make the process as simple as possible so that every candidate with the relevant skills and experience have the opportunity to apply.

    • Do you need an application form and statement?

    • Will just a CV suffice?

If you truly want to assess how eligible a candidate is for a role based on past achievements and experience, you need to gain an insight into how well a potential candidate will interact with your organisation’s mission, vision or values and be able to effectively assess their motivations for applying for your role.

Why not level the playing field at the selection stage? You could ask every applicant to prepare answers to 2 or 3 targeted questions relevant to the role. This will give candidates who may not have had the same educational or employment opportunities as others the opportunity to be considered equally.

Take the opportunity to really sell the organisation

The best talent currently has choices so, you need to sell your organisation to them. In a candidate driven market, it is critical that hiring managers sell the benefits of the role and what your organisation can offer them and the interview can be the perfect setting to do this:

  • How are you going to help them achieve their career goals?

  • What are the benefits of working for you?

  • Talk about future plans. Is the organisation planning to expand or take on new responsibilities? Do you have an ambitious and exciting new strategy or a 5-year plan? What impact will your team have on long term strategy and goals? What career progression is on offer?

This is especially valuable in the non-profit sector; by painting a clear picture of what this role can offer not just over the next year but in the longer term, will enable a candidate to really see their growth potential and value within your organisation.

Candidates choose to develop their careers in the non-profit sector because they are motivated about a cause and want to make a difference and so selling your mission, vision and values can be an incredibly powerful tool and will give you the best chance to attract the best candidates who will choose to work for you.

At TPP recruitment, we are committed to supporting our clients to recruit for these essential roles at a time of unprecedented demand. We are proud that clients return to TPP due to our good existing relationship, our sector knowledge and quality of candidates we engage with.

We can help you stand out from the crowd and use our expertise in recruitment to attract the best talent out there, partnering with you to develop a happy, successful, diverse and motivated workforce. For more advice on how we can support, get in touch on 020 7198 6000 or to arrange an informal chat to discuss how we can add value to your recruitment campaign.