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Welcome our newest team members

Posted on 7/09/2021 by Joseph Treacy

New Team Members

We are delighted to welcome three new members to TPP Recruitment. Find out a little bit more about them below.


Siobhan Najeeb
Business Manager - Education & Training

Your greatest achievement?
For me, it was buying my family home. I worked really hard to save my huge deposit quickly.  For someone who was a spender and never a saver, it was a real challenge but I had a dream and made it happen.

Why did you join TPP? 
I love recruiting for charities and the public sector so it was a perfect fit!  I also felt TPP came across at each stage as a professional, ethical and honest business who care about their clients and what they do rather than creating a sales business which aligns with who I am and what I want.  And lastly, the people.  Everyone I met was really personable, had longevity and organic growth which was also reassuring and inspiring to see.

Unusual fact?
I didn't eat vegetables (other than potatoes and mushrooms!) until I was 20 and ate cold baked beans straight from the can with every meal! Thankfully I love a lot more foods now, including all veg!

Favourite film or book?
The Goonies!

Tea or coffee?
Green Tea Convert.

Find out more about Siobhan here.




Ria Dool
Senior Consultant - Education & Training

Your greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement and probably the most monumental moment in my life is being an aunt. My nephew brings me more happiness than I could ever imagine. We love dancing, reading books together, running around, playing with toys and laughing. He reminds me to be present and enjoy life.

Why did you join TPP?
I was not looking for a new role but replied to a LinkedIn message from Nicky (Shout out to Nicky). I really felt that throughout the whole process everyone seemed so genuine, transparent and had a real passion for what they do. The fact that TPP have a big focus on Education really swayed me also as I have joined an incredible team. 

Unusual fact?
An unusual fact is I have recently decided to be a vegan.

Favourite film/book?
So hard to choose a favourite film or book but I would say two of my favourite films would be Eat, Pray, Love and The Great Gatsby. Julia Roberts and Leonardo DiCaprio are both amazing in general.

Tea vs coffee 
I would have to choose coffee. I drink way too much.

Find out more about Ria here.




Jessica Zhang
Associate Consultant

Your greatest achievement?
Successfully managing a recruitment campaign for a local authority's children's services to support their journey through change and resolving a significant portion of their retention struggles along the way.

Why did you join TPP?
Love the principled approach to recruitment and I was very impressed by the amazing recruitment experience I had myself.

Unusual fact?
Fencing is my main hobby

Favourite film or book?
Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Tea or Coffee?

Find out more about Jessica here.