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The Annual Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Posted on 7/02/2018 by Jo Hodge

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The gender pay gap has narrowed to 7.5%, a decrease of 39.5% when compared to 2016’s figure of 12.4%.


At TPP, we have been monitoring changes in the gender pay gap over the past five years.


Through our own salary surveys and industry research, we have been able to put together a report which outlines how women are paid less, in terms of both seniority and by sector in the non-profit roles.


As a new year starts, the subject of gender diversity has never been more pertinent. The government recently introduced world-leading legislation that made it statutory for organisations with 250+ staff to report on their gender pay gap - meaning that it is more transparent than ever before.


This year, TPP found that the average male salary was £45,610, compared to the average female salary that stood at £42,202 - a difference of £3,408! The biggest difference was reported in our legacy salary survey, with an average difference of £6,024 paid to males. ​


How has the gap gender pay gap changed over time?     


The gender pay gap saw a sharp increase in 2014, rising from 7% up to 18%. Since then, there has been a steady decrease in the difference paid to men and women - with findings now similar to 2013’s results.


Another notable finding indicated a seniority gap - with males in more senior roles, who are subsequently paid more. To combat this, hiring strategies and talent attraction plans need to be revised to be more inclusive.


The overall findings indicated that though the gender pay gap is still evident, it is declining each year. However, it seems that more action has to be taken by organisations to create an equal environment that enables women, and everyone, to achieve their potential.


Results have varied in all functions so such as legacy, fundraising & development, marcomms, awarding bodies and finance - all displaying figures where men are paid marginally more than women.


To read the full Gender Pay Gap Report, click here.