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New Candidate Relations Manager

By on 28 Sep 2016


I’m the new Candidate Relations Manager at TPP, and I’ll be contributing to our Candidate Newsletter from now on to offer insight into the candidate market, what’s working for candidates and what isn’t, whilst offering advice on interviews, managing offers and all things in between!

Previously, I worked as a Recruitment Consultant at TPP, and prior to that, within a HR Department for a University, but what is crucial to my understanding of what makes an excellent candidate experience is my time as a job seeker!

The Rogue Agency

As a candidate, I’ve often come across a level of service that I feel is below par, and miles away from what a consultancy should be offering. Many of you reading this blog will be well aware of the rogue agencies; the ones that send you a role and say they’ll put you forward, but you never hear from again. The pushy consultant who tells you what role to take, rather than listens to what you actually want. And the agency that you found out sent your CV to all sorts of jobs without your consent. Yes, chances are, if you’ve used agencies in the past and are on the job market now, you may be coming into contact with these rogues as I did.

What the Sector has been told...

Customers of any service tend to remember the bad, not the good. Unfortunately, this means that it’s easy for customers to form a stereotyped idea of the type of service they’ll receive from a particular industry.

The recruitment industry is no different.

Well known stereotypes and the main bugbears of those working with recruitment agencies include consultants failing to communicate enough, not having enough industry knowledge and being pushy with candidates.

What I’m personally not comfortable with is that some agencies seem to accept that this reputation is part and parcel with being within the recruitment industry. It’s not.

If we’re going to offer a service, we should expect to uphold a strong customer focus, whether it’s with candidates or clients.

What I’m here to do...

I have no doubt TPP have a collection of fantastic consultants (bias alert), but being an ethical recruiter, and knowing what it’s like dealing with rogue agencies as a candidate, I can safely say our service rises above the rest. I’m here to promote and maintain an excellent standard of recruitment.

That’s why I’d like you to email me with any feedback on the service you’re currently receiving from TPP. You can assist me to ensure you receive the best recruitment experience possible whilst you’re looking for your new position!  

Please email me directly at should you have any comments.

Good luck in your job search, and I hope TPP can help you find your next position!