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Please be aware of the following information regarding income tax:

Where possible please request a P45 from your previous employer.  Each time you terminate employment during the tax year you should ask the employer to provide you with a P45 to ensure continuity of the calculation of your annual income between April to the following March.  If you have a P45 we can continue to use the tax code stated on it from the first payday of your first assignment with TPP.

If you do not have a P45 you should then fill out a P46 on the day you register.  This P46 will then be sent to HM Revenue & Customs.  They will in turn send us a Notice of Coding which will tell us your correct tax code according to their records. 

If you have not completed either a P45 or a P46, we are obliged by law of HM Revenue & Customs to calculate your wages using BR tax.  This means that you are taxed at basic rate of your income not taking into account any personal allowance.

If you require a P45 from your work with us at TPP, you must request this via your Consultant. We do not send P45s automatically on termination of an assignment.

If you have any queries or questions, please speak to your consultant. Our payroll is not done on site so please bear this in mind with regard to time frames when we are trying to help you with any issues.

Our tax office reference is 120/JB02803 Shipley Tax Office tel 0300 200 3300.

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