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Survey suggests patients put off visiting GP surgery by receptionists

Almost 2000 patients were questioned for a Cancer Research UK survey, results revealed different reasons why patients are putting off visiting their GP. 40% of patients reported that they were unhappy discussing their symptoms with reception staff in order to get an appointment, and this is a barrier to seeing a GP. The survey also found that 42% would put off visiting their GP because they couldn’t see a particular doctor, or because of inconvenient appointment times. 35% of patients repor...

Author: Rob Muddiman
Published: 20 Oct 2016

Why you should always give candidates feedback after an interview

Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking experiences for many people and the days, or even weeks, waiting to hear feedback can be an agonising period. When candidates finally do hear back from an organisation, it can be a weight off their shoulders. Best-case scenario, the candidate is successful and is chosen for the role in question. However, for every candidate that was successful there will also be at least five or six others that weren’t.    Providing constructive feedback is the most ...

Author: Francesca Pateman
Published: 20 Oct 2016

Charity Market Snapshot 2016

We have used data from our 2016 salary surveys to create a snapshot of the charity market, including the latest statistics on salary and gender gap, roles most in demand within the not for profit sector and the most desired benefits.

Author: Natalie Ponting
Published: 06 Oct 2016

I quit! Five unusual ways to resign

Sometimes when a job doesn’t work out, a traditional resignation letter just doesn’t make a dramatic enough exit or let you express how you really feel. Here are five of the most bizarre ways people have handed in their notice. TPP would never recommend following any of these examples, especially when you want to stay working in the same sector. To find out how you should actually resign, see the end of the article.     1. Use your technical skills Some employees use their...

Author: Sophie Butler
Published: 28 Sep 2016

New Candidate Relations Manager

Hello! I’m the new Candidate Relations Manager at TPP, and I’ll be contributing to our Candidate Newsletter from now on to offer insight into the candidate market, what’s working for candidates and what isn’t, whilst offering advice on interviews, managing offers and all things in between! Previously, I worked as a Recruitment Consultant at TPP, and prior to that, within a HR Department for a University, but what is crucial to my understanding of what makes an excellent candidate e...

Author: Sean Brinkley
Published: 28 Sep 2016

Bursaries for practice managers NHS England currently in talks with the Practice Management Network

Student bursaries for practice managers could be implemented as part of the Practice Management Development Programme. NHS England and the Practice Management Network are currently in talks over bursaries to fund students across two programmes; an existing level 2 practice manager programme, and a new advanced practice manager programme at level 5. The new programme would provide practice managers with the experience to work on “a much bigger federated working model”, also allowing those wh...

Author: Rob Muddiman
Published: 20 Sep 2016

How your brain can stop you choosing the right candidate

People are naturally biased, which means even when you intend to be completely fair, your brain has a hard time remaining impartial. Cognitive biases are the inherent thinking assumptions and short cuts that humans make in processing information; the mental stumbling blocks that can affect our behaviour and can prevent us acting in our own best interests. Typical effects of cognitive bias include being too quick to jump to a decision and ignoring contradictory evidence, being overly zealous...

Author: Rob Hayter
Published: 15 Sep 2016

Is it time to ditch job descriptions?

It seems that within some sectors, this could be the case. Recent research published by UCL School of Management suggests that a different approach to recruitment may be needed, as working practices become more digitalised and the pace of change increases. The research suggests that rather than hiring people who match a set job description, it could be better for organisations to recruit high performing people who will be able to create their own job specification. Job descriptions have ...

Author: Sophia Malaspina
Published: 18 Aug 2016

Worrying stress levels affecting GPs and their staff

Over a 1000 GPs, Practice Managers, Practice Nurses and other primary care staff have taken a survey by Mind, which revealed that almost nine out of ten (88%) respondents find their work life stressful. One in five (21%) said it has resulted in the development of a mental health problem, while one in six (17%) said it has led them to take medication for a mental health problem. Almost one in ten (8%) said work stress has led to suicidal thoughts. The poll also revealed that work is currently...

Author: Rob Muddiman
Published: 18 Aug 2016

How to make the most of your time in the office

    You are rushing into the office from your long commute with five minutes to spare. You managed to grab a coffee but will forget to eat breakfast. You can already see you won’t have a lunch break today, as you have too much to do and wonder how you will get through all your work and leave at a reasonable time. Sound familiar? Read our 5 tips on how to make the most of your time in the office.   1. Prioritize   It can be difficult to see which tasks are more import...

Author: Sophia Malaspina
Published: 20 Jul 2016